Saturday, May 22, 2010

Admirer of Eclipse

Helios is looking for 360 friends I am sure with generous Eclipse community, this won't be hard to get. However, we can do something more.

I am suggesting a smaller donation package named 'Admirer of Eclipse'. For a donation of $15 or $20, the donor will get a batch like Friend of Eclipse and Early access to Helios release.

There are two main reasons I came up with this suggestion.

1. There is much less donation from AP region compared to other geographies. This is probably because $35 when converted to local currency becomes a significant figure. I feel may be $15 or $20 is more affordable.

2. One of the major benefit the 'Friends of Eclipse' enjoy is the faster downloads. Now since most Eclipse users at least here in India (and probably adjoining Geos) have 128 kbps or less internet connection. Hence, the larger bandwidth from Eclipse servers is no more a benefit for them.

Please vote a Yes or a No for the idea below (or if can't see it)


  1. I think everybody in the software engineering world is aware that $35 is not the same relative amount of money everywhere, but don't worry about it: From the looks of your blog, you are something even better: "Contributor to Eclipse", so others value and admire the effort you're putting in.

    So, thanks for donating!

  2. Is there any other way to donate other than using paypal. The reason is I do not possess a credit card.

  3. I don't think Eclipse foundation accept donations in any other way. However, only they can tell you exactly. Their contact info is available at