Monday, April 26, 2010

Eclipse Day India 2010 - thank you

Bangalore hosted the first edition of Eclipse Day last Friday. And what a gathering it was. More hundred (actually around 110) Eclipse enthusiasts attended the event.

The event was scheduled to have 2 track of sessions after the keynote. But because of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull (I actually spent 30 minutes learning its pronunciation ) eruptions grounded most of the European flights, Daniel Megert could not make it for the event. And as we were scrambling for a keynote speaker, Rajesh Thakkar came to our rescue. Thanks Pradeep also persuading him.

Rajesh spoke about 'Agile and Open Source'. He walked us through agile principles and helped us visualize how they fit into open source world. In Eclipse, we are already following many of its principles. We have small iterations. We build and re-factor often. We react to changing requirements rather quickly. Our stakeholders can see what we are building anytime they want. And more importantly Rajesh cautioned us about the myths around the buzzword 'agile'.

After keynote we broke into 2 tracks. All the presentations were well received. The number of interested attendees varied from talk to talk but then we gave them tough choices too of which one to attend. The mood, however, was very exciting.

I wish I could sit and attend all the presentations but had to run around to ensure all talks continue on time and without hiccups. contended as I could meet so many Eclipse enthusiasts. But those who could attend the various talks, do blog about them.

Needless to say such events can not be successful without support from sponsors. So once again a special thanks goes to Eclipse Foundation, IBM Rational Software, Progress Software and Genuitec for supporting the event. We hope the event was up to your expectation and you also benefited from it as much we did.

Thank you all the speakers. You all did a great job and we really appreciate your efforts. A special mention needs to go for Kopal Kothari and Sarika Sinha - the two attendees who volunteered for anchoring the event. Without you it would have been impossible to keep the event on schedule. Since the entry was through registrations, we really thank all the volunteers at the registration desk - Lakshmi, Manju, Kopal, Raksha, Ayushman, Deepak and Satyam. Chetan, Kamalnath and Madhu Samuel did all the photography for the events. Hope they will get the time soon to upload the photographs. Others also who clicked pics please upload it to Flickr and tag is as 'EclipseDayIndia'.

All the presentations will soon be added to slideshare and the link will be made available on event web-site. Meantime, I would request the attendees to fill up a small feedback form.

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  1. Thanks for organizing the event. It sounds like it was a great success. I look forward to seeing the pictures.