Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[New in 3.6 M5] Configurable problem severities for

User will now have a finer control over related problems. Till now there was one catch all preference setting.

In 3.6 several new validations have been added to ensure reflects the project build path and environment settings. These can be turned on-off using the new additional preferences which looks like this

source. and output. preferences will control the problem reporting for all the source and output entries. A previous post discusses the validation rules in detail.

bin.includes and src.includes related preferences will handle the problem reporting for the corresponding entries. They are typically checked for files and folders existence. src.includes is also validated for presence of source folders. These entries were discussed in this post.
Java compliance properties preference refers to the problems reported for javacSource, javacTarget and jre.compilation.profile entries. The validations rules have been discussed earlier in another post.

The last one remains as catch all for remaining entries.

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