Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LinkedIn IT Trends and Compensation Report (Aus-India) 2009

LinkedIn’s Technology Trends & Compensation Study Australia - India Report for 2009 was released recently. You may download the PDF from here. Apart from various trends, I found a couple for slides with a mention of Eclipse too.

1. Eclipse is the 4th most popular development tool.

I was expecting Eclipse to be in top 5 so being number 4 is not so disappointing. I feel some of the survey participants might have counted Eclipse under 'Other open source dev tools' which is at number 2.

2. 46% developers 'very satisfied' with Eclipse.

Eclipse got second highest votes for 'very satisfied'. Surprisingly second to Apple!! What can I say. May be because I don't have a iPhone :-) But even more shocking was SAP better than Apple and Eclipse in average scores. Now I have seen only one SAP application and that sucks bad. Perhaps they really are doing a fantastic job.

Since the report from Australia-India geo its a partial view. Am sure this pictures differs a lot from the one at global level.


  1. Not many people using IDEs such as Adobe's FlexBuilder, know that its Eclipse based. So as you said, the second option must have included Eclipse as well :-)