Monday, December 7, 2009

Heap Status

If you wish to keep an eye on heap status of your eclipse instance then a quick way to do it is 'Heap Status' preference. You don't need any memory profiler for this.

This starts displaying the heap status in the status bar.

The garbage can icon is for running the Garbage Collection. It basically makes call to System.gc() and System.runFinalization()


  1. Thanks Ankur. Its helpful.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Hi Ankur,

    As you said the Heap Status is really helpful to track memory leaks for example.

    Nevertheless, I think a memory profiler is still required (such as MemoryAnalyzer) to help fixing the memory leaks identified.


    Manu Selva

  3. What I mention is 'to keep an 'eye' on Heap. For that you don't a memory analyzer and this shall do. But when (god forbid) you have to 'fix' a memory issue then you need a memory analyzer.
    While MAT can do a good a good postmortem analysis, YourKit is great tool for live memory mapping.