Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eclipse Demo Camp. Bangalore '09

This year's Eclipse Demo Camp at Bangalore will be held on November 5, 2009. Various demos have already been lined up on topics like GEF 3D, SWTBot, Jazz, XText, E4 and JSDT. If you are working on some cool stuff and want to share it with Eclipse community then this is your best chance. Do get in touch as there is still room for couple of more demos.

30 participants from 15 different companies like IBM, HP, Oracle, Nokia, Bosch, Infosys  and ThoughtWorks (to name a few) have already registered. There are limited seats available so hurry up if you want to catch all the cool stuff Eclipse community is doing. Registration is free and available on First-come-First-serve basis. Details at Eclipse Wiki.

See you there.


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  2. Lot of participation this year. The credit goes to the organizers :)

  3. How can we get the presentation materials (.ppt).

  4. @Ansuman There were't any ppt :) And we did not record the live demos. May be next time.