Monday, June 1, 2009

[New in Eclipse 3.5] Plug-ins Import Wizard refurbished

The Import Plug-ins and Fragments wizard has gone under knife in Galileo release. It has been made simpler and consistent with the new target platform story.

Before & After

as seen in Eclipse 3.4.2                           new look in Eclipse 3.5
The import has been made simpler by providing three simple options to import from.
  1. Active Target Platform
  2. The Target Platform Preference page now allows you to maintain various target definitions.  However, only one can be active at a time (of course). It is this target that the workspace is built against. So this is option to be chosen if a plug-in has to be imported from the current target platform.
  3. Registered Target Definitions
  4. By 'Registered' Target Definitions I mean the local target definitions (using Target Platform Preference page) or any target definition file that exists in the open projects. Any external target definition file (outside workspace) that was opened in current session is also remembered.  Simply speaking, any target definition that appears on the Target Platform Preference page. Using this option, a plug-in from any of the these target can be selected for import.
  5. Directory
  6. This one is easy. Choose any plug-from the specified directory location. The option is smart enough to locate and pick  from the "plugins" directory also under the location mentioned.
The Features Import wizard remains the same. No changes to it.


  1. Harvey McGee10:32 AM

    I've run into a problem using the Eclipse 3.5 plug-ins import wizard when selecting "Projects with source folders" and importing from a directory. I get an "src" directory automatically generated in the project that is created when the plug-in is imported. The directory tree for the imported plug-in is placed under this "src" directory. I then need to move all the files and directories from the generated "src" directory to the root project directory. This "src" directory was not automatically created when I used previous levels of Eclipse. Is there a way to suppress the generation of this "src" directory? Thanks for any suggestions that you can provide.

  2. I don't think there is a way to do that. Even Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4 has same behavior. Which version you tried with? However, I am curious why you want the source code right under root and not in a source folder like 'src'. Or I misunderstood the problem?